Community freelance manager in Barcelona

Who we are?

Samsó publicidad creativa is composed by professionals dedicated to the field of marketing (community manager), of the advertising (creative and art director, graphic designer) and public relations with more than 10 years of experience.

Why social media?

In this digital era, the company that has no presence in social media, is not up-to-date, it hasn’t have an immediate and vital channel of communication with the customer, a main point of recommendation with the capacity to influence directly the consumer purchase decision.

What do we offer as specialists in Community Manager?

Social Strategy, Community Manager and social media in Barcelona

We create and implement an online communication strategic plan to achieve our client's objectives. Thanks to the social media we can gain the first-hand insight into the needs of our clients, through them we have the opportunity to listen and talk directly. Facebook or Twitter, are the most used to drive promotions and launch new products. These online tools are used to promote and communicate. According to each client's objectives we can:

1) increase sales.

2) retain customers.

3) create a strong bran, etc.

How we do?

First of all, we should have an attractive, nice, intuitive and responsive web. The majority of the actions of the digital marketing plan are target to redirect traffic to it. We work the content marketing, developing content that are attractive, interesting and that adds value to the user will facilitate the sale and will distinguish you from the competition.

Are you looking for a Community Mananger in Barcelona?

Maximum customization.

Our clients are really varied from freelancers, SMEs to multinationals.

2. Social media audit.

We analyze the current online situation of your company, making a comparative study of competition, as well as your company's digital reputation.

3. We prepare a strategic communication plan.

In which define the objectives to achieve and in which social media we should be. We measure the objectives in a quantitative and qualitative way.

4. Audience.

We identify your target, segmentation. We attract it and capture it.

5. We devise original and effective actions with visual content.

We generate leads, work the retention, the disclosure of your product or service, brand awareness to achieve sales and above all to create prescribers of your company.

6. Analysis of the results and report of improvements.

Quarterly report of the results achieved.

Working on social media it give us results , it is important to work with them properly and know to capture all of the potential customer. Good performance also helps the good positioning of the web and the popularity of the product, or the service.

Also work with tools as Google Adwords for the recruitment of the prospect of a more direct and immediate way. A good use of this tool means that in a few months you can begin to recover the money invested.