Creative team

We are specialists in creative advertising, graphic and digital design and community manager, in Barcelona.

Enric Samsó. Creative Director. With a degree in Electronic Art and Digital Design, as well as degree in Graphic Design and Master in Audiovisual Creation and Creative Advertising at University of Ramon Llull.

His main premise cover all those advertising solutions with a same laif motive:

“Creativity is what makes you to be different"

Company composed of some excellent professionals who work in a fully coordinated and joint in your project, specialized in graphic design, digital design, freelance community manager, creative advertising, online marketing manager, etc. in that way we have a multidisciplinary approach to provide all areas of advertising and communication.

Professionals dedicated to the advertising world, marketing and public relations with over a decade of experience. Agency with highly qualified staff in each of the specific areas in market research and strategic line definition, creative graphics, corporate image, advice on media, content writing in media and social networks, with the aim to exceed the expectations of each of our clients.

You will be attended by a professional and human team with extensive experience, extensive knowledge and constantly recycled in the areas of advertising and communication. Professionals of recognized national and international prestige who share the philosophy of Samsó Publicidad Creativa, based on the guarantee that you obtain the best results of the contracted services, impeccable and personalized attention, thus experiencing a positive, pleasant and above all a satisfactory result.

Professional excellence and human qualities identify our team.

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