Reinventing yourself in times of Covid
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24 July, 2019
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26 January, 2022

Reinvent your website in times of covid.

Last March we were involved in an extremely complex and strange situation, as if it were a science fiction film. A pandemic came to our lives stopping time, paralyzing jobs and completely changing our daily routines.

We had to keep in quarantine within our homes, teleworking was a fact and the dining rooms at home became the new offices for many of us. We changed gyms for virtual classes on social networks, meetings with friends and family through video calls, afternoon walks on the couch watching series and films on digital platforms…

If we have learned something in these days, it has been to know how to use technology, some jobs have been done teleworking from our homes, but the suspension of economic activity has caused a great destruction of jobs and business closures. The sectors most affected by this health crisis have been the hotel industry, administrative activities, construction and commerce.

Work is a necessity to live and resist an innate capacity of human beings.

If online shopping or online businesses were already a rising trend, this pandemic has accelerated growth dramatically, as a matter of necessity. The reality has broken the barrier of those suspicious consumers of digital commerce.

At Samsó Publicidad Creativa, we believe that it is the ideal time to reinvent itself. If you still do not have social networks or a website, now you must take advantage of this socioeconomic situation to give visibility to your business. We offer you online marketing, e-commerce and social media solutions.

Nowadays, being online and having your business digitised is the key to keep “normality” and continuing to resist in difficult times. A good solution is our Community Manager service, in this way you will get an immediate communication channel between company and client, a main point of recommendation that directly influence the consumer’s purchase decision.

We manage social networks in order to achieve optimal results, engaging your customers. Their good performance also contributes to the good positioning of the web and the popularity of your product or service.

If you want to reinvent yourself and be in the new digital era, contact us, we will find the best solution for your business and we will manage to survive in this global pandemic.

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