Packaging art
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2 February, 2017
Web design company in Barcelona
24 July, 2019

Already at the beginning of the 18th century began to pack champagne with highly resistant bottles and tight corks for the conservation of the drink and the presentation of it. In the following century the jam was one of products packaged in small jar with wide-mouthed glass, tradition which is preserved up to our days.

But if we have to refer to some culture in particular, to say that they live the packaging culture that is no doubt the Japanese. By tradition and social protocol, they have a delicate care by any product presentation, so the person who receive or buy this product is completely attracted to it. In fact, the packaging sector in Japan generates 48 billion of euros each year.

We will turn your packaging into functional art. We combine art with practicality, a package which will also facilitate storage, packing and above all, imminent sale.

Because we know that this is the principal physical window for buyers. A third of purchasing decisions are taken in just 7 seconds, so the attraction needs to be truly immediate, this is only achieved with an excellent packaging.

Our steps are product analysis, consumer research, shape analysis, concept elaboration and development and creation of design.

Your product will be the one chosen.