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15 January, 2017
16 January, 2017

We are a company of social networks in Barcelona

In recent years we have seen the increase and the need of our customers for being active on social media. All of them for different reasons, for positioning in google, brand, acquisition, customer loyalty, etc.

Samsó started as a company of design and creativity, nowadays we are a company specialized in social media (in Barcelona).

It is a specialty that is gradually earning the respect of society, it cannot be said that the fact that many people have social networks found that any person may have the ability to be a Community Manager. This is why we want to explain the reasons why a client should rely on a professional Community Manager and with experience:

  1. Planning: All Community Manager will plan and organize the content.
  2. Strategy: The strategy of social media is not to sell products and talk exclusively about the company. We define a added value strategy of added with a hihg quality content to have some active fans.
  3.  Not to buy fans. The fans must be real. We live for its interactivity, what do we do with unreal fans?
  4. Empathy with the consumer. The community manager should be a person with empathy, who knows how to write, who knows how to reach the people.
  5. Tools. According to customer, your location, your product or service  you may want to consider to use Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, etc… each target is different and we must bear it in mind. Therefore, every client must have a personalised budget according to the needs.
  6.  Humanize the brand. With social media we get a closeness and immediacy that is necessary to provide care of every one of the comments from users.

In case you were looking for an expert in social media in Barcelona we would like to contact us, and without any commitment we will prepare you a proposal.

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