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Community Manager in Barcelona
29 September, 2016
What is the corporate image?
16 December, 2016

For us design means to find the best visually expression to communicate what our client needs.

Trends in Graphic Design are virtually in the hands of the technological advances, due to the constant use of mobile devices. In this way, we get that the user experience (UX in navigation) is the best, we help you to choose the most suitable for your project.

We apply the latest in graphics, Flat Desig, because we believe that simplification is the key.

In web design the most important will be the user interaction, quick-loading website, easy to use and responsive. We achieved a perfect usability for smartphones and tablets.

We use intelligent menus which appear when you need them, scroll and modular design, with the aim of doing that content, what we are reading, is more significant and attractive.

In Samsó Publicidad Creativa SL we design based on our three fundamental premises, creativity, originality and differentiation.

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